Childhood Asthma

Childhood Asthma

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What Is Childhood Asthma?

Childhood asthma is the same lung disease as adults, but children often have different symptoms. Doctors also call this asthma in children.


If your child has asthma, his or her lungs and airways can easily become inflamed when they have a cold or are around objects such as pollen. Symptoms may prevent your child from performing daily activities or sleeping. Sometimes an asthma attack can lead to a trip to the hospital.


There is no cure for childhood asthma, but you can work with your child’s doctor to treat and prevent damage to their developing lungs.

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Childhood Asthma Treatment

Based on your child’s history and severity of asthma, their doctor will create a plan of care, called an asthma action plan. It describes when and how your child should use asthma medicine, what to do when asthma gets worse, and when to go to the emergency room. Make sure you fully understand this plan and ask any questions you may have of your child’s doctor.

Your child’s asthma action plan is important for managing asthma. Keep it handy as a reminder of your child’s daily management plan, as well as to guide you when your child has asthma symptoms. Give copies to caregivers, teachers, and even bus drivers so they know what to do if the child has an asthma attack while away from home.

In addition to following your child’s asthma action plan, you need to ensure that exposure to asthma triggers is limited and preferably avoided.

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